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Keefur is one of the oldest members of our Circus and a starring member of our Freak Show. He is clearly the oldest living thing in the fandom. He was unearthed out of a dried up tar pit in cased there thousands upon thousands of year ago. We consider him a prime example of why these creatures became extinct in their own time. We believe the sabers he bares really served no purpose but actually killed his prey with the truly horrible jokes that he tells. We believe his prey might even take its own life rather then to have to go on listening to his jokes.

He has adapted rather well to modern life. He is kept in a small printing room with very loud machines which drone out his joke telling. He prints for various furry cons, their con books, fliers and much, much more.He is a feline of many talents which he will gladly tell you about. He is also President. He achieved this after starting a campaign speech and all listening agreed to vote for him if he just stopped talking. He reluctantly agreed.


Vice President

I was captured plain and simple. A carrot was laid before me and before I knew it was bound and brought to the circus as I now know it. I have worked all sorts of roles under the big top never realizing one day I would be a Ring Master myself. Part of the role of the Ring Master is to help set up the show and to keep everything going when the show finally starts. I am no stranger to the stage and it is my role in the show to do my best to make everyone enjoy themselves and want to come back again and again. I can be found on FA or On I can be found in other places on the Internet, just ask.

Brandon Lynx

Board Member

Not all of the circus is glamorous. Some of it is just hard work. There are some who work many tasks throughout the show so it looks good. This is not that story. This is the story of the creature that would end up in the side show. WORLD'S Biggest Lynx. This was the missing lynx between the smaller cats and the bigger cats. Brandon Lynx is so big he makes the lions and tigers give respect. Brandon can be found doing a lot of the grunt work setting up or breaking things down throughout each days performances. He also keeps the FA page current with the latest information. You can contact him through FA at Just be warned, when this lynx gives hugs even the bears are jealous.

Bunny Mickley

Registration and Webmaster

I am a happy go lucky purple bunny rabbit named Bunny and I help make the Internet go. I live in Austin, TX. I am a kid at heart. If you've ever been to Rocket City in Second Life there is a good chance you've met me cause I spend a whole lotta time there. I am happy to help Fangcon keep the website updated and ready for you to find whatever you wanna know about Fangcon.


Secretary, Event Coordinator Asst and Volunteer Coordinator Assistant

Hi! I'm NightWolf, though everyone calls me Libby. I'm a wolf/shiba inu mix with a little bit of a cat complex. I've loved furries since forever. I've been part of the fandom for close to 10 years and have been going to furry "circuses" for most of those years. Most young people want to run away and join the circus, but I ended up doing that when FangCon first started up! And what better role for a cheerful pup than as head clown! My job is to make sure that the con goes as smoothly as possible. More importantly, I want to make sure that everyone has as much fun as they can! When I'm not helping with FangCon stuff, I work as a new nurse. I also love drawing and various arts and craft projects. If you see me walking around, feel free to say hi and get yourself a big puppy hug!


Board Member

Hi, my name is Anna aka Wolfaya. I was born in Memphis but raised in Texas. I have been drawing since I was only five years old. Mainly I drew animals then moved on word to anime and worked my way back to animals that walked on two legs, furries. I didn't know what I was truly drawing until I met some people and became a member in the furry community. I am now starting to explore even further into making fursuits! I am looking forward to making full fursuits and more art in the future. Look me up on Deviantart under the name Wolfaya or on Furaffinaty.



Volunteer Coordinator

Hey all, my name's Benji and I have lived in Knoxville my whole life. I'm and Otter who's always dreamed of joining the Circus so when I turned 16, I ran away to make my dream a reality. I joined up with the Furriest Show on Earth and can honestly say I have found my family for life. I'm so excited that our team has brought the show to my hometown and I hope you all enjoy the Furriest Show on Earth and keep in mind, we are always looking for help, so anytime we are in your area, stop on by and lend us a hand. We give pretty cool stuff to our volunteers.

Dark Dragon


Hello! My name is Dark Dragon or can you can call me Dark. I am from Houston,Texas. I am an LVN Nurse at Herman Memorial Hospital in the medical district of downtown Houston. I have worked there for 9 months now and learning new things everyday to make sure i respond to anything that could happen. Feel free to ask me anything!


Spirituality Track

One of the many Irish Travelers, Deep Seer, has agreed to join the circus as a service to pay off her debt to society, or so the Magistrate as informed her. Her skills delving into the mystic mists of the unknown are renown. (Ya know, amongst like 10 people) But she's here for one weekend only! Then she vanishes into the Traveler's wagons for another year.

Hi, I'm Dee (Deep Seer's humsona), an eclectic pagan who has been a part of Nashville's spiritual community since 1997. As a head priestess to the closed circle of Athraven Amergy, I feel it's every spiritual being's duty to reach out to others to promote understanding and tolerance. My work with the Red Cross, Happy Tails and World Relief are a direct result of this principle of cooperation and service. Please contact me if you are interested in adding to the rainbow of spirituality at Fangcon. Thanks! Have fun!


Master of Gaming

Come one come all and enjoy the festivities of our game room with our Master of Gaming; Garthis. This 28 year old Wolf/Husky has been in the fandom since he was twelve and has been completely dedicated to it since then. He is 6 feet tall with black and white fur. This playful Wusky will see to your every gaming need in the game room.


Video Team and Promotions

My name is Greyhare the gray hare from the DFW area in Texas. I started getting interested in furry anthropomorphic video and art over 30 years ago. But never considered myself a furry until February 24, 2012 at Texas Furry Fiesta. Since that time I have attended Wilds Nights 2012 and several local furmeets in the DFW Area to meet other furries and take video of the events. So you may see me at the con videotaping various activities. FYI the name Greyhare comes from the play on words gray hair which is my natural hair color in real life.



Hello, Mave Johnson here aka MavWolf, I've been in the fandom now for 7 years but in reality was probably a fur before I knew what a fur was. I'm your average black furred Canis Lupis who has an overly ambitious attitude for weaponry and combustible citrus. Feel free to strike up a conversation with me about military history or history in general (WWII is my area). I'm 28 years young and plan on being in the fandom for a long time. I'm a certified licensed EMT-IV in the state of TN and will be available for aid during the con, be it a thorn in your paw or worse. Alright that pretty much sums me up for now, Mave Johnson, we're done here.

Pewter Bunny

Fursuit Track

Pewter Bunny has been going to convention sense 2009, first con being FWA. First con Pewter debut at was MFM 2009. Spends most of his time reading, playing guitar, and watching netflix. Love to talk about metal,blues, and instrumental music, horror and kung fu movies. Tries to eat healthy but cant deny good food. Love to make new friends, cant stand bullies. Pewter is very approachable and easy to talk to and loves to have pictures taken of him as he is an attention whore. Also loves hugs and nose beeps. Constantly wears a gopro so he welcomes anyone to talk to him especially if they want to be on youtube. Never mind that mess in the elevator. XD

Phil Geusz

Writing Track

Phil Geusz is a furry author, working primarily in the transformation-story sub-genre. He's best known for his work in the The Blind Pig (TBP) storyverse, as well as for his books Transmutation Now!, The First Book of Lapism, Freedom City, Manifest Destiny, Wine of Battle, A Left-Handed Sword, Descent, Resisting Arrest, Spur, the David Birkenhead series, and Corpus Lupus. His TBP story Graduation Day appeared in the landmark anthology Best in Show, edited by Fred Patten; he also wrote the introduction to the transformation story section of this collection. His short stories appear in several mainstream collections. Phil is a notably prolific author-- in 2010 alone he sold five novels to three separate publishers. Three of them, the "No Oath Sworn" trilogy, were sold to a mainstream (non-fandom-related) house. Phil also has numerous other publication credits, served as Writing Guest of Honor at RainFurrest 2007, and has been nominated several times for the Ursa Major Award. His work has appeared many times on the Ursa Major Recommended Anthropomorphics List.

Shelby Allen

Dealer's Den

I'm Shelby Allen, lioness from Knoxville. My official title is Dealer Den coordinator, co-hotel liaison, co-menu planner, really "catch all." If it needs to be done, I'll do it. In the circus I could be called a lion tamer; but as Keefur said during last year's opening ceremonies; I tell everyone what to do; so therefore, this lioness wont be tamed. I wasn't born in the circus, I joined once I saw how much fun it was being with all the animals, and realized my lioness leadership abilities could be put to good use. Fangcon 1 changed my life and now I'm passionate about ensuring Fangcon for the future. I know how to get something accomplished and just like a lioness in the hunt, when I have my sights set, there is no stopping me. I'm a mother with a 3 year old cub, DJ. When not lion taming all the furries in the circus or tending to my son, I am employed full-time by the University of Tennessee Knoxville in development and alumni affairs. At Fangcon, you'll find me running the halls of the Holiday Inn like crazy, don't hesitate to stop me if you need anything or have any questions.

Vivaldi Foxerz

Event Coordinator Assistant

Hey I'm Vivaldi Foxerz, also known as the tuba fox. I have been bringing music and entertainment to the fandom for about a year. Convention performances include Furry Fiesta, Rcfm, and upcoming at Fang Con. Multiversitile, I play the tuba, mandolin, bass, and piano. I'm currently a music major in college and work as an instructor for several band camps. On a personal note, the fandom has given me much happiness that I want to give back tenfold.


Con Book

My life of entertainment initially began shortly after High School, around 1997, that's when I became a furry and a dog. I clowned around for few short year and then I joined the big top of the USAF in 2000. After flying around, I settled here in Oklahoma City, OK, where I spent my time helping out with other great shows as Oklacon and Wild Nights. Currently I try to pass my time by writing stories, either under my fur name of Warnndog or my pen name of Argus Warner.