Knoxville, TN

Pre-reg Open!

Pre-reg is now OPEN for Fangcon 2015, which will be held October 29th - November 2nd! The theme this year is Never, Nevfur Land.

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We are still in Knoxville, TN this year but have moved to a bigger hotel! Fangcon 2015 will be held at the Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown location.

If you have any issues during registration, please email fangconreg[at]

Dates and Hotel Finalized

Fangcon 2015 will be held at a different Holiday Inn this year - Holiday Inn Knoxville Downtown - on Halloween weekend (10/29-11/2, with the main dates being 10/30-11/1). This will give us more space for events and room to grow.

Pre-registration will open in early March. We hope to see everyone there!

Mystery Machine at Fangcon

The Mystery Machine is coming to Fangcon. It is the 1960's and that is when Scooby Doo and the gang got their start on a long series of mysteries.

They are brought to us by Cosplay Inc, a group of cosplayers dedicated to bringing interactive exhibits and one of a kind props to the cosplay world while at the same time using their resources to help out local communities with food and clothing drives as well as visit children in hospitals in cosplay. Be sure to take your photo with their exhibit and feel free to donate clothes or canned food to help those in need. And while your there check out the selection of cosplay merchandise for sale. And should your cosplay need last minute repair, they always have a repair kit handy just ask.

Thursday and Monday Events

Just so you know, we have some events going on Thursday Nov 6th and Monday Nov 10th. If you arrive early or want to stay an extra day, you'll want to check these out! Our full schedule should be updated and available online soon.

Thursday Nov 6th: Laser Quest (you'll need to be at Laser Quest by 7PM - entrance is $20 - yes, you can play in fursuit!)

Monday Nov 10th: Bowling at Strike and Spare ($7 for 2 games and shoes, or $11 for unlimited games and shoes - fursuits allowed and encouraged!)


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